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Social and demographic transformation of the modern world and global migration processes generate many problems faced by both individuals, families as well as state institutions and local authorities. One of the problems is providing care for people who need it, both in the areas of individual and social development as well as satisfying daily needs. We address the questions about what is care, what is its importance and role in migration processes, what are the conditions for its implementation, who provides care and how the networks and institutions supporting the „main” care-giver operate.

Suggested thematic areas:

  1. Concepts and models of care;
  2. Challenges in contemporary provisions of care;
  3. Changes of care actors in migration processes;
  4. Children, youth and seniors – care receivers;
  5. Care potential and deficit;
  6. Family context of care in migration processes.

Conference organizer:

Important information:

  • 19-20 May 2016

    International conference: Care in migration processes

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    Participation in the conference in free of charge.