dr Elżbieta Czapka

dr Elżbieta CzapkaAffiliation: Norwegian Center for Minority Health Research, Oslo, Norway

Elżbieta Czapka, PhD, graduated from the Catholic University in Lublin (Poland). She obtained a PhD in sociology in 2004 from the same University (Dissertation: The Stereotype of a refugee. A Comparative analysis based on the research conducted among the students of selected European Countries).

Since 1998, Czapka has been teaching and supervising students at several universities in Poland. Subjects taught have included a broad array of social science topics. From 2007 to 2010, she was a post-doctoral researcher at NAKMI heading a project on Polish migrants’ health. At present, Czapka’s main affiliation is NAKMI, where she continues her work on various aspects related to new labour migration and health, especially on Polish migrants’ integration into the Norwegian health care system.

Since completing her Master’s degree, Czapka has been involved in large scientific projects, giving her an opportunity to develop and improve her research skills in both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Her main scientific interests include the theories of migration, the relation between migration and health, sociology of minorities and sociology of morality.

Czapka is active in international collaboration. From 2007 to 2011, she was a member of Management Committee in COST Action ISO 603 “Home” (Health and Social Care of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Europe). Now she represents Poland in COST Action IS1103 “ADAPT” (Adapting European Health Systems to Diversity). Czapka is a member of European Sociological Association, International Political Science Association and International Sociological Association.

Czapka’s personal strengths and competencies include: teaching, research, organizing workshops and conferences and building a dialogue between policy makers and researchers. She has excellent communication skills gained through her experiences as lecturer, researcher, vice-leader of migrants’ organisation and tutor of student associations.

Research experience

Leading the  quantitative part of the project „Polish female migrants and their families – a study of care deficit”, funded by Polish-Norwegian Research Programme, UMCS, Lublin, Poland (2013 – to date). The Norwegian partner is the University of Bergen.

“Health of Polish labour migrants in Oslo”, a post doc project funded by Norwegian Center for Minority Health Research (2007-2010).

“A stereotype of a refugee among the students in selected European countries”, PhD project funded by  Warmia and Mazury Uniwersity, Poland,  (2002 – 2004).

Participation in the project : “The inhabitants of the former state farms”, funded by Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury (AWRSP) in Olsztyn and  Warmia and Mazuria University, Poland, (2000-2001).

Participation in the research project: “Women from former state farms and their families”, founded by Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury (AWRSP) in Olsztyn and  Warmia and Mazuria University, Poland, (2000-2002)              .

Publikacje (2010-1013)

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  • ela.czapka[at]nakmi.no
  • tel. +47 46385562