Coference: „Borders – space – migrations”

„Borders – space – migrations”

Date: 28 April 2015

Organizer: Institute of Sociology, Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland, Students’ Association

The conference has an interdisciplinary character. We invite masters and PhD students representing different disciplines (sociology, psychology, philosophy, culture studies, urban studies, etc.).

Contemporary and global changes not only make physical border disappear, but also build new borders and move the old ones.

The space we are living in is not only the physical one but also virtual, and symbolic world. In each of them there are borders we can cross. Is there are real borders in these worlds? How are the borders crossed and what implications does it bring for social life? Migrations are changes of the place of living and crossing physical and cultural borders. It brings cultural changes and the appearance of new borders.    

The subjects of the conference cover the following problems:

  • Physical borders, especially within cities,
  • Cultural and social borders, including otherness, marginalisation, exclusion, stereotypes,
  • Power in maintaining borders,
  • Symbolic development of the space of borders,
  • Crossing borders,
  • Borders and space in virtual worlds,
  • Migration processes,
  • Mental border and crossing them,
  • Deviations and borders,

We accept abstracts until 15 March 2015 in the application form.

Participation in free of charge.

Conference schedule:

  • Submitting applications and abstracts – until 15 March 2015,
  • Information about accepting the presentation – until 20 March 2015,
  • Submitting articles for publication – until 1 August 2015/

The articles which are positively reviewed are intended to be published in a scientific journal.

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